Uber Driver Safety Tips Read This Before You Take Another Rideshare

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The heartbreaking story of the South Carolina woman killed when she mistook another car for her Uber has put women’s safety in rideshare experiences at center stage. Following some key safety precautions and staying alert throughout the ride are essential to keeping both you and your friends safe in a rideshare.


Check (and double check) the car and driver

Start with the basics. Check and double check the make, model, and color of the vehicle you should be getting into, and ensure that you can identify the license plate. As an added precaution, up your game by matching the driver’s name and photo.
Furthermore, don’t let stickers and signage for these well-known brands trip you up — those are easy to procure and definitely don’t ensure that you’re jumping in the right car. While still limited in its user distribution, some riders also may be able to leverage the color matching between rider and driver as an additional level of validation in some markets. (This is wildly helpful at airports, by the way.)


Make them identify you

I’m so guilty of this one, but I generally hop in a car by saying “Here for Elle?” and they usually nod and repeat my name. Yikes. Instead, ask “What’s my name?” or “Who are you here to pick up?” Making your driver identify you first is another very important safety tip and a trending effort resulting from this recent tragedy.


Map your own route

This is especially important if you’re in a new part of town or a city you’re not familiar with. Pop into your google maps and chart out your own directions so that you’re able to have a better sense of which route you’re on, as well as major landmarks or road names along the way. That way, you have your own vetting system if you feel your route is getting too far off track and a few points of interest to tell someone where you are.


Limit personal details in chit-chat

Being in New York, I’m less likely to get a chatty uber driver, but when I travel for work I really notice the difference in how others want to work through a life story. While engaging with anyone in the car, think “pleasant not personal” and limit any info sharing around your contact information or a peek into your daily routine that could give someone too much information about where you are regularly.


Sit in the back seat

Sitting in the back seat (with your seatbelt, of course) gives you more room to maneuver if you need to quickly get out of the car. The seat behind the passenger seat is also a good one as it allows you to see your driver and have full view of what’s going on in the car (for example, if they’re texting or otherwise distracted.)
When it comes to distractions, it is important to remain alert yourself. It’s easy to zone out and dive into text or your latest podcast roster, but keeping relatively alert to your surroundings both inside and outside the car is important. Think about how easily you could get out of the vehicle if needed, and keep your phone in hand so that you could use the discreet emergency features if necessary, or to directly dial 911.


Use the notification features

Most rideshare apps have a feature built in where you can share your ride, arrival time, and car info with someone else. Using this share status option (for Uber it’s “Share ETA” and for Lyft it’s “Send ETA”), gives someone an idea of where you’re at. Think about this notification broadly. You don’t always have to share your location with someone on the other end of your ride. For example, when I’ve traveled for work and am out late or am in a new city I’m not familiar with, I share all my rides with a husband or friend, just so there’s someone tracking as I come and go if I ever feel uncomfortable.


Strategically enter and exit the vehicle

Unfortunately, bad guys have clued into the physical, behavioral habits we all have now waiting for a car. You’ve got your phone in your hand, checking the street, then checking your phone, texting, or taking a quick call. This tips someone off that you’re looking for a ride, and as you’re searching for the car it’s all that much easier to be distracted and move toward the wrong vehicle.
Even better, wait inside a lobby or nearby shop so that you have less time to draw attention. On the back end of your ride, feel free to get out of the car and wait a moment for the car to depart before moving into your home or destination.


Share your experience

Feedback is a really important part of keeping ride shares safe. If you’ve had a bad experience that left you feeling unsafe, it’s important to share that and document it through the right channels. Rideshare business models are obviously reliant on people feeling like they can safely jump in a stranger’s car, so they’re almost always very responsive to feedback on these issues. If you think about your feedback as a way to protect the next gal, you’ll be more inclined to just click that survey link or pop in the app and share your experience.

Rideshare services have become a part of our everyday lives, and for many of us, are essential to our commutes. While you shouldn’t be paranoid, a healthy dose of safety know-how can go a long way in protecting yourself.


What are the other tips you use to stay safe in rideshares?

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Signs of a Unhappy Marriage When Your Husband Is Not Everything

Article on Signs of a Unhappy Marriage.

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Do you need refreshment for your marriage? If so, this post is for you. We’re continuing in our month-long Refresh series. —Hayley Mullins, True Woman Blog Content Manager

Once upon a time, I noticed a developing trend in popular, female vocabulary. My friends started referring to what they treasured as “all the things.” For example, “You have to meet Lola, she is all the things!” or “This new oil that makes me think that donuts are nasty and kale is delicious is just all the things!” After some time, “all the things” seemed to evolve into “everything.” As in, “This chocolate cake is everything!” “This book is a must-read; it’s absolutely everything!”

It appears we are living in times when we place such supreme value on some things that we lack the vocabulary to appropriately articulate it. Nonetheless, other women unfailingly understand what we mean whenever we use these expressions.

I’m not typically a bandwagoner, but just for kicks, I imagine my own versions of these sentiments. It goes something like this: “My husband is all the things!” “My marriage is just everything!”

But I can’t say these things. What’s more, I don’t know any other women who could honestly say them either. I see you, sweet newlywed, but I’m going to ask you to reevaluate your answer in a few years!

I’m not in a “bad marriage.” On the contrary, I’ve been (mostly) happily married to my husband for over twenty years. Stephen is one of the most thoughtful people I know. He’s kind, loving, generous, forgiving, intelligent, and gracious. But he’s not all the things, and he isn’t even close to everything. No, my husband, like me, is a sinner, and living with a sinner is difficult. Just ask him!

At the time I’m writing this, Stephen and I are emerging from a relational funk. Recently, we’ve found each other less than. He’s failed to live up to my expectations, and I’ve disappointed him. He didn’t respond the way I wanted him to, and I treated him unkindly. It’s taken some time to look at each other through grace-colored glasses, but we are. All marriages come with some ebb and flow, and I praise God we’re less ebby and more flowy today.

The marriage covenant, while a beautiful display of daily grace upon grace, will leave you longing for more. It doesn’t always satisfy. It won’t meet your every need, and it will certainly let you down. Your husband won’t be everything because God didn’t design him to be. Despite the messaging of Hallmark movies and John Legend songs, he is not going to be all the things.

So what do we do when we’re experiencing all the ways he’s not measuring up to our expectations? What about when we’re embarrassed by him or disappointed in him? How should we respond when we look at him and find him lacking? Consider the following suggestions for how to love your husband when you don’t feel like it.

How to Love Your Husband When You Don’t Feel Like It

1. Remember

God lavishes His love on you (1 John 3:1). Christ died for you when you still hated Him (Rom. 5:8). He chooses to bless you with His love and presence, not because of how loveable you are, but because it pleases Him to do so. The love from Him you enjoy daily is completely undeserved. You are in no position to deny your husband love, even if you believe he isn’t worthy of it. Recall the love of the Lord and do likewise.

2. Repent

Your husband may have sinned towards you, but you have sinned towards him, too. Ask for his forgiveness and for the Lord’s (1 John 1:9). Pray for the grace to resist the temptation to respond unkindly or hide things from him. In God’s strength, turn from your neglect of him, from your criticizing of him, or from whatever attitudes and actions that are displeasing to the Lord.

3. Request

You cannot do anything apart from your heavenly Father (John 15:5). Ask Him for help. Pray that He will give you a heart and hands that love in word and deed (1 John 3:18). God delights to glorify Himself, and marriages that adorn the gospel do so abundantly. Approach the throne boldly and find the mercy and grace you need (Heb. 4:16). Go get your grace, girl!

4. Renew

Make fresh commitments to your spouse in the strength God provides. The Lord greets you each morning with new mercies (Lam. 3:22–23). Luxuriate in this grace and extend the same to your husband. Revive your devotion to him with everyday intentionality. Instead of fighting with your husband, fight for him. Fight for your marriage. You’re on the same team!

5. Repeat

Wake up and do it all again tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that. Marriage takes work. There is no auto-pilot version. Do the hard work, and do it again. And by God’s grace, you’ll still be redoing it decades from now. You’ve said, “I do.” Keep doing.

Your Marriage Will Fall Short, but There’s Hope

It has to be said that this article is not referring to women married to men who harm, exploit, or lead them into sin. If you are such a woman, I humbly encourage you to address your circumstances with your pastors—or the police, as necessary. I’m talking to the women in committed, God-fearing unions, who wrestle with how the reality of marriage often falls short of the fantasy of married life. To the woman who struggles to love her husband because of all the things he’s not. This is for the woman who’s just not feeling it today.

Love isn’t just something we feel; it’s something we do. And we don’t get a pass on the doing when we aren’t feeling it. We are commanded to love. To submit. When we love and submit to our husbands in the joy and strength of the Lord, we contribute to the rich legacy of faithful wives adorning the gospel. What a beautiful testimony!

There is no such thing as no hope in a marriage. If you’re still breathing, you have every expectation in Christ Jesus to hope. Don’t believe the devil’s lie. He hates your marriage and desires you to feel like it’s a cage. Eyes up, girl! Look to your heavenly Father who frees you from the power of the serpent’s deceptive clutches. If you are reading this and cannot imagine how you could possibly love your husband again, I say: hope.

Give yourself to hoping in the God to whom “all things,” including your marriage, are subject (1 Cor. 15:28). Hope in Him who works “all things” together for good for those who love Him and are called by Him (Rom. 8:28). Know God’s good plans for you, and see your husband as a partner in kingdom work. Your husband is not your enemy.

Let your marriage be the thing that bears witness of Christ’s love for the Church. Let your marriage be the thing that showcases the gospel. See God use your marriage as the thing that demonstrates your neediness for Him and draws you into deeper fellowship. See it as the thing that makes you more like Christ.

Your marriage is not meant to be all the things or even everything, but it most assuredly is meant to be the thing that adorns the gospel of Jesus Christ. Dear wife, abound in this adorning! Love your husband, not for what he’s done, but for what Christ has done. Love him, even in all the things he isn’t, by remembering the thing he is. He’s yours to love. Yours to help. Yours to partner with to display the greatness of God. Love your husband to the glory of God, which is unquestionably everything.

Mums In Film – 12 Most Iconic Mothers By Sun Signs

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serialmoms 396b6

Mother’s Day may have passed, but we’re still celebrating the moms we love from film! Let’s break down some of the best moms from film by zodiac sign to see which mommie dearest exemplifies the traits of each sign.


Stella Payne from How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Stella Payne is a single mother who takes a trip to Jamaica with her bestie, only to find love while on vacation. With her successful career on point and heart on fire, Stella resembles the “can do” Aries energy, by living life to the fullest.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_SHaqh4NdQ&w=640&h=360]


Mrs. Flax from Mermaids

Mrs. Flax may not be perfect, but she always puts her daughters first. She is also is a devoted single sex positive mom in the 1960s. Her loyalty and devotion to her daughters, through thick and thin, and her “tough as nails” no bullshit (excuse the pun) attitude make her the truest personification of Taurus.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtObFXFsvWg&w=640&h=360]


Amy, Carla, and Kiki from Bad Moms

Every person needs a break every now and again. And, after years of trying to be “perfect” (except for Carla), these “bad moms” take some time for themselves. Just like the sign of Gemini, they let the “other” fun side of their personalities out during the film.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81oxCgvKbNo&w=640&h=360]

Edna Turnblad from Hairspray

Edna really is the ideal mother in Hairspray, representing the Cancer archetype perfectly. Loving, supportive, and encouraging of her daughter, Edna pushes her daughter to pursue her dreams (by the end of the film) and dance her heart off on the “Corny Collins Show,” while protesting against for integration.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdcUxHh3tAc&w=640&h=360]

Eleanor Sung-Young from Crazy Rich Asians

While she may be a bit austere at first, she warms up at the end of the movie. In true Leo fashion, Eleanor has a heart of gold and a generous spirit. She only wants the best for her son—even if it comes across as controlling.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wh_oOd5JGpU&w=640&h=360]

Suyuan Woo from The Joy Luck Club

Suyuan Woo may be a bit critical of her daughter at times, but she just wants her to be successful and win at life. After “picking” on her daughter’s flaws throughout her life, she finally tells her (simply just like a Virgo), she may not be as successful as others—but, she has something they don’t have, which is the “best quality heart.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhtjwGZlaew&w=640&h=360]

Hilary Altman from This is Where I Leave You

Hilary is a celebrity psychologist, who finds love with her friend Linda, with the blessing of her ill husband. Hilary has an over the top personality, but wants her children to connect with each other and find happiness to, like most Libras, to restore balance and love in their lives.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEdoKOULBuI&w=640&h=360]

Beverly Sutphin from Serial Mom

Beverly’s a wild mom who only acts out when people don’t adhere to the standards of society (ie: recycling, cancelling plans on time, being considerate of others, not talking badly about her family, and definely not wearing white shoes after Labor Day—even if “fashion has changed”). Protective to the core, she uses the “claws of justice” to prove her point—don’t mess with moms!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwYOoVexwZg&w=640&h=360]

Marisa Ventura “Maid in Manhattan”

In this Cinderella-esque film, Marisa, a single working mother, meets a high powered politician—teaching him a thing or two about the world they live in. Never compromising to her beliefs, Marisa asserts her opinions to open the eyes of others in the best Sagittarius form.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ikayur5NAg&w=640&h=360]

Albert Goldman “The Birdcage”

Finally referred to as mom (an oncoming insecurity by Albert throughout the film) near the end of the movie by son Val, Albert is the hardest working mother in South Beach—performing several shows a week, while maintaining a loving nest for husband Armand and son Val—just like any Capricorn would!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rU8cUBCZn9c&w=640&h=360]

Big Mama from “Soul Food”

As the glue that holds the family together, Mama’s three daughters depend on her for guidance and advice (just like the sign of Aquarius). Without her, things get extra tricky for her family—mostly due to her absence and love. She’s the heart and soul of their lives.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHRWbydTGrI&w=640&h=360]

Carolyn Carmichael from Crooklyn

Carolyn puts the needs of her family first, making her an extremely caring mom (like the sign of Pisces). As a strong mother, who works as a teacher, Carolyn is a sensitive mother who defends her children in all situations.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQpOtsVTZ8E&w=640&h=360]


Top Photo of Serial Moms courtesy of Polar Entertainment Corporation

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The Morning Dream Sleep Routine With Jim Kwik

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“I think I had a dream last night?”

“Oh my gosh you were in my dream last night — it was so weird!”

“I kept having the weirdest dreams last night, I don’t know why…”

We all sleep, we all dream. It’s your brain continuing to problem-solve and reflect on the day, wayyy after you’ve crashed.

As entrepreneurs, our sleep is crucial.

Why? Because although we’re not technically working after we drift off — our brain still is.

As many of you know, my sleep is super important to me. If you haven’t already — go check out my Instagram highlight to see how I go through a routine each night that helps me get the best sleep possible.

But some of you might not know why dreams and their power are particularly important to me and to She Takes on the World. Let me tell you a story…

10 years ago I was fast asleep — a younger, red-haired, ambitious Natalie, recharging my body after a full day of crushing it.

Sleep mask on, essential oils sprayed, silk pillow fluffed and cuddled — I drifted away on a sea of slumber. When suddenly, I had a vision!

It came out of nowhere — but I’ll never forget it. The name: She Takes on the World. The company: a media company for coaching and creating with female entrepreneurs ready to make their visions a reality. The future: wide open.

I woke up, jotted the whole thing down, and here we are…

… Which brings me to this week’s #Monday Motivation episode of She Takes on the World.

This time around, Jim Kwik is back for another installment of the Kwik Habits series. This time, we’re talking all about morning routines — one of my absolute FAVORITE topics of discussion.


I love my morning routine: filled with green juice, essential oils and buckets of gratitude. If you haven’t seen my breakdown of how I spend the first couple minutes of my day — I also have an Instagram highlight for that if you want to check it out.

But one essential component that I’m missing is reflection on my dreams and making them as much a part of my day as they are a part of my brain’s night.

Tune into this  week’s #MondayMotivation episode, where we cover:

  • Jim’s morning routine that helps his brain, and him, have a great day
  • How to prep yourself and your bedroom for the most restful sleep possible
  • Why your phone should NEVER be the first thing you touch when you wake up
  • Jim’s D.R.E.A.M.S. technique for remembering, recording and sharing your dreams

Ready for your challenge for this week?


Use Jim’s D.R.E.A.M.S. technique EACH DAY to record and share your dreams with others. Try to take at least a minute or two, right when you wake up to write them down and see what comes up when you do!

D(decide): Decide to remember your dreams. If you set your intention, you’re more likely to do it!

R(ecord): Record those dreams! This is where the magic happens. Keep a pen and paper right by your bed, try not to use your phone, and write it all down!

E(yes): Try to train those eyes to stay closed as soon as you wake up! This will keep the outside world from distracting you and you’re more likely to remember those delicious dreams you just had.

A(ffirmations): Us entrepreneurs loooove our affirmations! Give your dreams some love! Tell yourself “I will have good dreams tonight! I’m gonna remember my dreams tonight!”

M(anage): Manage that sleep — this is a big one. If you don’t sleep well, you might not dream well or want to record your dreams. Blackout the room, turn OFF the phone, spray some calming scents, do what you gotta do to set yourself and your surroundings up for success!

S(hare): Last but not least, share! Get out there and share those amazing dreams because the more you do that, the more they have value, and the more likely you are to keep developing this amaaazing habit.

Let’s take this next week to get in touch with our inner world and our dreams. Who knows — your next big company, idea or breakthrough might come out of it!

Keep me updated on all of it — I wanna hear everything so reach out on Facebook, Instagram or right here in the comments.

Good luck and sweet dreams!


Is Chemical Peel Good for Skin? An expert spills the beans on this skin treatment

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What, exactly, is a chemical peel? An expert tells us all about the popular skin treatment

What, exactly, is a chemical peel? An expert tells us all about the popular skin treatment

Chances are you’ve heard of the term chemical peel, or at least have seen the Sex and the City episode where Samantha gets one that leaves her face tomato-red. But even though chemical peels are the third most commonly performed noninvasive cosmetic procedures in the U.S., many people may still be unsure just what good (or bad) they can do for our skin.

According to the board-certified dermatologist and celebrity beauty expert, Dr. Anna Gaunche, M.D., a chemical peel is when a chemical solution that is acidic or low pH is carefully applied to the skin to induce peeling and skin sloughing to help reveal smoother, fresher-looking skin. “When acid is applied, the dead skin cells are let go, which results in peeling and accelerates skin cell turnover,” Dr. Gauche tells HelloGiggles. “Skin cells are actually replaced every 45 days!” Talk about a brand new you.

What Is a Chemical Peel

The first thing to know is that there are several different types of peels, ranging from superficial or light peels, to medium peels, and finally deep peels, which can sometimes require an overnight stay. There are also different types of ingredients used. Glycolic peels penetrate deeply, and are good for aging skin. Lactic peels are good for those with skin that’s dry or sensitive. Beta-hydroxy peels contain salicylic acid, making them best for acne patients.

There are, of course, at-home products that have the same kinds of ingredients as professional peels done by your dermatologist, but are just milder. If you’ve ever used the Drunk Elephant Babyfacial, then you’ve done a peel, as it contains glycolic, tartaric, lactic, citric, and salicylic acids. The Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel pads contain AHAs and BHAs, and can help with photoaging, uneven tone, and scars. 

Below, Dr. Guanche tells us everything we need to know about chemical peels. 

HelloGiggles: What are the benefits of a chemical peel?

Dr. Gaunche: Chemical peels are beneficial to help fight the signs of aging. They are used to refresh and renew the appearance of the skin. They often help to soften fine lines and wrinkles, and lighten brown spots. Certain chemicals can be used to target pigment or even acne. Once peeled, the skin looks brighter and more even.

HG: Is there a certain skin type that benefits best from chemical peels?

Dr. Guanche: Chemical peels work best for those that have fair/medium skin types. The darker the skin, the more risk there is of pigmentation issues and other poor outcomes with peels; of course, this depends on whether it is a superficial, medium, or deep peel. Choosing an experienced physician is key to good outcomes.

HG: Can you walk us through the process?

Dr. Guanche: First, the skin is prepped with acetone in order to “de-fat” the skin. Next, the peeling solution is applied to the skin very strategically. The well-trained physician will be looking for reactions in the skin such as redness, and frosting (skin turns white as proteins are digested). The peel is then neutralized by either a solution/cream or by the client washing their face. Then, topical aftercare is applied, including sunscreen.

HG: What is the recovery and aftercare like?

Dr. Guanche: This depends on which type of peel. For light chemical peels like Jessner’s, there is very little downtime. For deeper peels, like Phenol peels, sometimes a stay at a hospital is needed. Downtime must always be discussed with the provider before partaking in a peel treatment.

HG: How soon can someone see results?

Dr. Guanche: Some peels make your skin look amazing right after the peel. Some peels take five to seven days to see their full effect. This, again, should be discussed with the doctor.

HG: What are the risks of a chemical peel?

Dr. Guanche: The risks of chemical peels are hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, scars, redness, uneven peeling, irritation, allergic reaction, and dermatitis or rash. Sounds scary, but I do them all day long and have minimal to no problems. These are the known risks and really depend on the experience level of the provider.

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10 Best Books From Guests On I Want Her Job: The Podcast

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One of the best benefits of hosting I Want Her Job The Podcast is the opportunity to interview authors about their amazing books! We’ve had some incredible authors join us to tell us about their writing process, pitching process and more! And, we have many more interviews with beloved authors coming up. In today’s post we share 10 authors we have featured on the show, as well as a corresponding book list that is likely to give you some new perspectives for your career and life goals.

The Gutsy Girl Handbook by Kate White

As the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine for 14 years, Kate White led the iconic women’s glossy straight to the top. In The Gutsy Girl Handbook, Kate shares tactics to negotiate your salary, manage your time, learn from failure, reduce your worrying, shed the “good girl” instinct and more. This book might very well be the shift in your career path that you need to nail (and kick ass at) that job of your dreams.

the gutsy girl handbook

How Women Decide by Therese Huston

How Women Decide by Therese Huston shows how women and men are equally skilled when it comes to decision making, but points out that women have certain strengths. For example, research shows men and women are likely to make similar decisions when weighing the risks versus the rewards. However when the pressure is on,  research shows that men are more likely to go for large risks, while women are more likely to go for smaller wins. The research in this book is evidence for the importance of having men and women in the room when making crucial business decisions.

How Women Decide

Imperfect Courage by Jessica Honegger

Jessica Honegger is the founder of Noonday Collection, a soaring business that designs and sells fair trade jewelry and accessories made by artisans around the world. She’s also the author of Imperfect Courage: Live a Life of Purpose by Leaving Comfort and Going Scared. In the book, released in August, Jessica she shares her story about how she launched Noonday Collection as an inspired side hustle and provides guidance on soul searching, going scared, collaborating and broadening your circle of passion.

Imperfect Courage

I Know How She Does It by Laura Vanderkam

As the popular writer of books including I Know How She Does It and What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, Laura Vanderkam could deliver a masterclass on productivity and time management. Intrigued by time management and the art of planning, Laura has collected and analyzed hundreds of daily schedules from women. Her research has found that the art of planning your days, weeks, months and years with both short-term and long-term vision, you can have a successful career, while also intentionally planning for ways to celebrate and enjoy life.

I Know How She Does It

Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids by Dr. Laura Markham

If you’re a parent, chances are you know about Dr. Laura Markham. And if you don’t, allow us to introduce her and her parenting advice that could be life-changing for you and your family. Dr. Laura is the author of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids and founding editor of AhaParenting, a blog 130k+ subscribers strong. As a parenting expert she’s been interviewed for thousands of articles by publications including The Wall Street JournalThe New York TimesReal Simple, Newsday and Parents magazine. In addition to her blog, she shares critical parenting advice in each of her weekly emails, aimed to help you build stronger and deeper bonds with your children. After all, we are mightily convinced she just may be a modern-day Mary Poppins.

Peaceful Parent Happy Kids

The New Better Off: Reinventing the American Dream by Courtney Martin

How do you define success? It’s a question Courtney Martin asked herself and others while writing her book,  The New Better Off: Reinventing the American Dream, which attempts to help all of us think about redefining our measures of success. She encourages us to “reject the tired narratives about success” because our motives and lives will change when we shift our focus, instead, to community.

The New Better Off

Imagine It Forward by Beth Comstock

Beth Comstock is the former vice chair of GE and a corporate director of Nike. Her accomplishments include building GE’s Business Innovations and GE Ventures, as well as overseeing the reinvention of GE Lighting. Prior to her role as vice chair, she served as chief marketing officer of the company. And before that, she had another dream job as the president of integrated media at NBC Universal, overseeing the company’s digital efforts, including the early formation of Hulu. While Beth has built an incredible career, she’s had to make some tough decisions in the process. We’re all lucky enough live vicariously through her, with the opportunity to learn more about her journey and the decisions that led her to career success in her new book out today called Imagine It Forward.

In it, Beth shares her story, documenting the ups and downs of working at GE and NBC during a time of tremendous growth. But, Beth will tell you she also wrote this book to help those out in the middle of their career. It’s for those who want to make change happen, but feel they need permission to do so, whether through others or from themselves.

Imagine It Forward

Broad Influence by Jay Newton Small

Broad Influence by Jay Netwon Small explores how women are transforming government, politics and the workforce, and how they are using that power shift to effect change throughout America.

Broad Influence

When In French by Lauren Collins

Lauren Collins is a staff writer at The New Yorker, and author of When In French: Love In A Second Language. The book, which is a memoir of falling in love, learning a new language and adjusting to a new culture, was selected as a “Notable Book of 2016” by The New York Times. And it’s easy to see why.

With plenty of humor and fascinating details on linguistics and French culture, in the book Lauren recounts her journey of learning and adjusting to a life in France. In her interview, she shares the story of the one decision that changed her life. Weeks before her 30th birthday, Lauren decided to shake things up, requesting to work for The New Yorker from London. It was during this fateful trip that, in a decidedly American way, Lauren walked over and introduced herself … to her future husband!

When In French

How To Be A Power Connector by Judy Robinett

As a well-known and highly respected investor and advisor, Judy is known as the woman with a titanium Rolodex. If you’re curious about how she made the leap from insecure young woman to confident businesswoman, Judy shares some of her secrets and top tips for making your own connections in her book How To Be A Power Connector.

Listen to hear Judy’s top advice for connecting, including a reminder that the people we gravitate toward are not the only people one should have in her network. Research she cites shows that the weaker links in one’s network are actually, “the strongest and most important connections in our network.” She continues to say that, “Diversity is key to a rich network.”

How To Be A Power Connector

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Radical Kindness What’s Angela Santomero’s Secret To Success?

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Angela Santomero wanted to be a teacher. Then she had a thought: “Wouldn’t it be awesome to use the influential nature of media to educate kids?” And, off she embarked on a journey into creating children’s media.

She forever left her mark on children’s TV with the launch of the iconic Nickelodeon animated show Blue’s Clues, where she was co-creator, executive producer and head writer. She then continued to light up the minds of kids everywhere with her hit TV show, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on PBS Kids.

Angela is a Peabody award-winner and 25-time Emmy nominee. She’s also chief creative officer of 9 Story media group. Now she’s out to leave a different kind of print on the world with her new book out this month, Radical Kindness: The Life-Changing Power of Giving and Receiving. It’s based off of her approach to living a healthier, more peaceful life.

“Kindness is at the foundation of every show I write. It’s how I approach my life, and it’s a world I want to live in,” Angela says. Kindness is an unsung hero and an invisible super power. It’s backed in science and research. It lowers stress levels and therefore helps cardiac health.”

Read on to hear Angela talk about the benefits of radical kindness, her honesty about feeling she has imposter syndrome and the inspiration for her hit TV shows. Then pick up a copy of her book to see why Deepak Chopra says (in the foreword), “Radical kindness is an important antidote to the poisonous times we are living in, and we can’t look to others to remedy things for us. Radical kindness begins with you. Realizing this has enough energy to revolutionize the way you live. Let Angela’s book help you to see how.”

What is your approach to creativity?

Creative first, and if there is a debate, then kids win. We know kids; we know what they love and what they need and then we play. Creativity is play at its best!

What is a day in the life of Angela like? How do you divide your time?

This is such a hard question! When I write and create I need to dedicate at least a whole day, sans meetings. It’s how I can recharge and think bigger about things.

Meetings are great for collaboration, but I believe in a creative-vision-first approach when it comes to content. So, the writing and big picture thinking needs time to percolate before and after discussions.

I also like to be home for dinner and spend time with the family. My girls are already 18 and 15 so time seems so fleeting!

How did you develop/co-create Blue’s Clues? What inspired you to develop a show so imaginary and exciting for children?

Blue’s Clues was a game show! It was an “experiment” to see if we could have kids learn by interacting with our characters. That’s why we ask kids at home so many questions — they are a main character in our show. Our goal was to create characters that kids will LOVE and to teach everything a preschooler needs to learn before they get to kindergarten.

Then, after Blue’s Clues, how did you come up with the idea for Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood?

I was the hugest Mister Rogers fan, so I was honored and thrilled (and terrified!) to promote Fred’s legacy and create a new show. I got to know Fred because we both studied child development and we both got into media to make it better. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is exactly how I played the show as a preschooler — all of the friends from the Neighborhood of Make Believe grew up and had preschoolers of their own. Of course, a preschool Daniel Tiger had to be the star! He was Fred’s first puppet, and my favorite!

Angela Santomero 2 I Want Her Job

What gave you the idea to do a different kind of writing, this time with your just-released book, Radical Kindness?

If we look at the world with kindness, we find the good in people and the world. We can also listen better, collaborate more and have better relationships. We can also focus on passion and intrinsic motivation vs. perfection and anxiety. I believe we need to shout about kindness from the rooftops and all pivot toward kindness if we want to see the change we want to make.

How would you describe the concept “radical kindness”?

It’s seeing with your heart vs. simply seeing with our eyes. It’s leading with compassion, empathy and love vs. hate, anger and scare tactics. It’s finding a peaceful resolution where people are heard and accepted for who they are and what they bring to the world. It’s being vulnerable and real and always learning vs. searching for perfection. When kindness is at the root of all we do, we can make radical change.

What lesson do you hope a reader walks away with after finishing your book?

I hope readers and viewers of my PBS Pledge Show, The Power of Radical Kindness (check local listings) adopt radical kindness as a practice and incorporate it into their everyday lives. Just a little bit can go a long way. Think about how a tiny tack can take down a whole car. On the positive side, a tiny bit of kindness can change you and the world for the better.

As a mom of two, what tips do you have for fellow working moms?

Ask for help! It’s actually also a tenet of Radical Kindness. Asking for help doesn’t show weakness, it is imperative to our self-care. We can’t do it all. It’s a myth! I ask for help from other parents, my husband, my kids and outside help, as needed.

Radical Kindness I Want Her Job

What is something about the work you do that might surprise us?

I still feel like an “imposter” – even after creating eight shows. Every new idea I have, every new show or script I write, I bite my fingernails waiting for feedback on it.

What is an area of your business that is particularly exciting at the moment?

I love finding new writers, new voices and new stories that need to be told. I am also inspired by the truly interactive nature that media is taking that is innovative and breakthrough. I also love being part of the international market with our company. As CCO of 9 Story media group, I’m quite proud of the work we do, every day.

What advice do you have for others who want to work in children’s TV?

Find your passion, do the work, get into media, do any job and scope it out. Be there, observe, understand kids and understand the media landscape.

What is something you want to learn more about?

Everything! I always have a pile of books I am reading.

Any other parting advice?

Be creative, innovative and lead. Don’t follow. I’m so proud that in a world where everything in media is getting a re-boot, I’m part of an original show that is now re-booted with Blue’s Clues.

Being a follower is never as much fun and doesn’t yield as many rewards!

After Hours graphic

I’d love to have coffee with:

Oprah. Michele Obama. Luke Perry.

The books on my nightstand are:

The Artist’s Way (by Julia Cameron); Dare to Lead (by Brené Brown); Becoming (by Michelle Obama)

My current favorite saying, or mantra, is:

The Dali Lama said “Be kind whenever possible. It’s always possible.”

My favorite way to spend my day off is:

Low key day with my girls and Greg.

One lesson I’ve learned lately is:

If you fall down, get up again!

I can’t live without:

My AirPods. Music and mediation makes my travel so much better!

I feel my best when:

I get a good night’s sleep!

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21 Essential Things to Pack for Travelling

Image of Lady departing with her Essential Things to Pack for Travelling

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Work travel comes with its perks like time out of the office, the opportunity to explore different parts of the country (or globe!) and hotel rooms that let you rest easy without all the work. But, work travel also can come with some challenges, because you’re away from your comfort zone and are often operating by a schedule out of your hands. From frequent fliers to road warriors, those who travel a lot for work have found the best tips we all can use!

Today we break down 21 essentials to help you travel like a boss. But this list doesn’t have to end here. Tweet us @iwantherjob and use #TravelLikeABoss to share your finely-honed travel skills. Until then, read on for some essentials to make your next work trip a breeze.

1. TSA Pre-Check

Skip the awkwardness of taking off your shoes in front of your co-workers, and get through security faster with TSA Pre-Check. In January 2019, 94% of Pre-Check passengers glided through security in 5 minutes or less. If you want more time to grab a latte, or peruse the magazine stand, it’s a must. Plus, many companies will let employees who travel for work frequently expense their TSA Pre-Check.

2. Backup USB Power Bank

With unpredictable travel schedules, you never quite know if your flight will take off on time or if work will require you to stay an extra day or two. Consider buying a backup USB power bank to keep in your purse or carry-on. Keep it charged, and you’ll be prepared wherever the day takes you.

3. Get. Rewarded.

Many companies offer travelers rewards. Make sure you add your frequent flier number every time you fly. Sign up for travel rewards from your favorite hotel loyalty program, like Best Western Rewards. Best Western Hotels & Resorts even offers Best Western Business Advantage, a rewards program dedicated to small business that offers preferred rates and automatic elite-level status.

4. Picture Perfect

Keep photos of your favorite travel essentials tucked into a labeled folder on your iPhone, or keep it handy in Evernote. However you decide to store it, taking photos of items you frequently pack (or even forget!) can come in handy when you have to pack for a last-minute trip. Take it a step further and photograph your outfits in advance, like many celebrity stylists do for their clients, making packing for future trips a breeze.

5. Lightweight Blanket

To travel like a boss, you need to pack like a boss. Forget the scratchy, germy airplane blanket, and bring your own! Flights are often chilly, and you can’t always guarantee your seatmate will keep their air vent closed. You can find affordable lightweight blankets that are super cozy at Target and TJ Maxx.

6. Crystal Light Pouches

I Want Her Job reader Laura loves packing Crystal Light pouches, because they can make any drink a sweet treat, without all the calories. They also are great to stuff in your purse or laptop case to have on hand when you want to sweeten up the standard water bottles you’re given at a conference.

7. Big, Bold Luggage Tags

Make your baggage claim experience a breeze with a bright luggage tag that is distinctly you. Brands like Lilly Pulitzer, Anthropologie and J. Crew offer vibrant colors and patterns. When traveling for personal vacation, use the card provided with the luggage tag to write your name and phone number. When you travel for work, simply slide in your business card over the top.

8. Thick Moisturizer And Hand Cream

Although it can seem like a pain to pick up tiny sizes of beloved products, it’s never been easier. Sites like Sephora, Ulta and Nordstrom offer gift sets for hundreds of brands. Most products included are easy to fit in a Ziploc bag and perfect for travel.

9. Solid Beauty Bars

Speaking of those tiny clear plastic bags, save room on your next trip by packing solid beauty bars. Everything from cleanser, to moisturizer to shampoo is now available in solid form. Our personal favorites are from Lush, and we also love that they keep our suitcases smelling fresh.

10. Noise Cancelling Headphones

They’re called the friendly skies for a reason, but let’s face it. Sometimes, we just don’t want to talk, or we want to get work done! Pack a good set of headphones the next time you fly, and whether you sleep or work you’ll have your “do not disturb” sign tucked carefully into your ears!

11. Water Bottle

We’ve all faced that super expensive bottle of water in an airport gift shop. Save your cash for shopping, and pack a water bottle. Most airports offer water fountains to easily fill them once you’ve made your way through security. Plus, some stores, like REI, sell collapsible bottles that can be easily packed.

12. Sheet Masks

Flights can leave the most moisturized of us feeling dry. As I Want Her Job reader Becca says, “Sheet masks are a must for long-haul flights!” They don’t count as a liquid, so tuck one in your carry-on bag. (And if you’re too nervous about wearing one on-flight, save it for when you arrive in your hotel room post-travel.)

13. Compression Socks

While compression socks might not scream, “I’m a boss!” they will keep you in control of your health like a boss. Plus, they can prevent your legs from getting tired and sore.

14. The Hottest Book Drop

Looking for an absorbing read for your long flight? I Want Her Job team favorites include You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero and The Gutsy Girl Handbook by Kate White.

15. Wipe It Away

Germs, be gone! We hate getting sick from air travel as much as the next person. To avoid germs, we rely on disinfecting wipes. And we wipe down everything we can, especially that germy fold-down tray.

16. Drapey Wrap

Perhaps one of the greatest in-flight essentials is a drapey wrap, pashmina or ruana. Lightweight, it layers over your favorite jeans and shirt flawlessly. It also doubles as a cozy blanket.

17. Rose Toner

If your clear liquids bag can spare the room, it’s wise to stow a rose toner. Packed with rose water, it can help rehydrate skin after a long flight. It also can help fight breakouts and set makeup. So even if it takes room, it’s multipurpose which makes it a justifiable piece for our carry-on!

18. Roll-Up Shoes

When traveling for work, often times a professional attire is required. And while we like traveling in boots, sometimes heels are a must. And when we travel with heels, we always make sure we have a pair of roll-up shoes in our carry-on bag. Our favorite pair is made by Tory Burch and looks identical to her iconic Reva flat.

19. Sunglasses

Sometimes the most obvious item to pack can be the one we forget the most often. Just because you’re in the sky, it doesn’t mean you’re out of the sun. Throw in your favorite sunnies the next time you travel. They also double well as a subtle, “Sorry I’m going to sleep” message to your seatmates.

20. USB Cable

Select airlines now offer in-seat USB plugs. Check ahead, and if the airline you’re traveling on offers them, it can help you stay charged up on the fly.

21. Tile

If one of your bags has ever been lost en route to your destination, you know how frustrating and helpless it can feel. Next time you fly, think about adding Tile to your bag! Simply activate it, toss it in your bag, and you can spot your bag in its location on a map. Now how’s that for traveling like a boss?!

With these items, or even a handful of them, your trip can be smoother and more relaxing. And, they can especially come in handy if you have an unexpected layover or request from your boss to work out of the office an extra day. Want to be even more prepared?

Sign up for Best Western Rewards, so if you find your flight unexpectedly cancelled you can find comfort (and earn points that never expire!) at one of BW’s more than 4,200 locations.

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20 White Going Out Dresses – The New Black

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Everybody’s got their LBD — the go-to dress that’s always hanging in the closet, ready to be thrown on for a last minute affair, or the perfect solution to but I have nothing to wear! But what about a transitional piece that’s more “spring” than “fall,” and more unique than basic? Enter the LWD (or Little White Dress). Not only does it feel fresher and brighter than its LBD cousin, but it’s a little more unexpected than plain black. Pair it with a pair of heels for a night out or dress it down with booties or sandals for a summer uniform you can live in. Either way, no one will know your #OOTD is just as basic and simple as an LBD — a little secret between you and your closet. Shop our favorite LWDs that you can wear all season long:

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