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  • Women and Time Management – What Every Woman Ought To Know About Time Management

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    Learning essential time management skills is sadly not something everyone does while growing up, but women and time management is important to compete in a male environment, and be one-step ahead in an unfair world. Thta’s why we say women truly need to understand these skills. The effective outcome of a failure to appreciate the benefits of women and time management will often include appointments not attended, deadlines not met, and a stressed life.

    Thankfully, the information below can make a big difference in streamlining your days and making you a far happier individual.

    Time Management Tips for Women

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    One good idea to use in time management is working a day ahead. If you can, plan out the day’s tasks the day before. Creating a list of activities to do tomorrow is a great way of ending your working day. Once you have your jobs outlined in advance, there will be no delay in the morning.

    Create Lists

    Create a list of all of the tasks you have for a day. Once you have the list, go through and prioritize each item on the list. If you get behind on the day, you can knock off something that is at the bottom of the list and reschedule it for another day.

    Prioritise Intelligently

    To get ahead with women and time management and in order to become a master of time management, you need to keep both the short- and the long-term in mind. Common sense may seem to dictate that it will always be more productive to concentrate on one task at a time, and finish each in sequence until it’s complete, weigh that feeling against the bigger picture. If you’re putting off major jobs in order to finish minor ones, you may be wasting a great deal of time!

    Plan Your Work for Each Day and Keep to the Plan

    If you want to maximize your time, start your day by taking 30 minutes to plan your entire day. This time you take to plan out your day will save you a lot of time in the long run. By having your day planned out, you will have a schedule to follow and will avoid wasting time with unnecessary tasks.

    Always Stay on Task

    If you need to improve areas of your life, which is the purpose of studying women and time management, you need to try to always stay on task. Don’t become distracted when things happen while you are working on a task. Sometimes your manager will give you additional tasks while you’re already working on something else. Don’t let anyone do that to you. Finish your first task and then start another.

    Keep a journal of your days for a week or two. Include everything that you are doing during the day. Once you have compiled a list of all of your activities, you will be able to find where you are wasting time. This way, you can eliminate any unnecessary activities in the day.

    Control Stress Levels and Use Relaxation Time Wisely

    Stress is a major reason why people have trouble with time management. It can cloud your thinking and make you feel overwhelmed. If you feel stressed out, you need to learn how to relax. This may mean taking a half an hour out of your day to meditate or do yoga.

    Make 4 quadrants on your to-do list. Label the vertical columns important and not important. Label horizontal rows not urgent and urgent. The tasks in the “Less Urgent/Not Important” quadrant should take up no more than 10 percent of the time you have available. Spend the majority of the time on the items that top your list. Just make sure to carve out some time for the important/not urgent quadrant, lest these become future emergencies you could have avoided.

    Women and Time Management – Conclusion

    A lack of time management ability is something that way too many people suffer from these days. Just taking a bit of time to learn some key techniques is a great way to simplify life and make each of your family members much more content. Review the advice above as needed, and get to managing your time much more effectively.

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  • Pros and Cons of Employing Family in a Home Business

    Family business has advantages and disadvantages

    The pros and cons of employing family can be a big issue for a woman who wishes to become a successful entrepreneur. Even more than for man, the power woman will want to improve the prospects of a happy and fulfilling working life for family members. Therefore, deciding whether to employ family in a home business, is a dilemma for many home business creators, especially for the power woman. How should the successful woman in business approach the idea of employing her own close family in the business?

    I thought I would explore the advantages and disadvantages in this often vexed question. The result follows:

    Pros and Cons of Employing Family – Advantages 1. It is often possible to employ family informally, and part time.

    Pros and Cons of Employing Family in a Home Business_0

    It can be so easy to employ family. Maybe they have a problem in finding employment and are not working at the time that they start working for the family business. Perhaps they are between jobs, and start in a temporary manner, which develops from that point. It can even happen without any deliberate thought!

    In these types of situations the relationship is built entirely on trust and the work may be on a basis of task by task completion. That can mean that when things are quiet, the family employee does not get paid. This can be perfectly acceptable to family members (especially junior family member just starting out) who live at home.

    It is self-evident that this can be a big advantage to the start-up business. It reduces the risk which occurs as soon as formal staff appointments are made, that salaries will have to be paid when the business is small.

    While a business is still starting out, the need to make payouts at regular dates each month can create serious cash-flow problems. This is especially a serious a point to make, at a time when working capital can often be low, or sometimes almost non-existent.

    Advantages 2. Avoiding Formal Contracts and Rigid Terms of Employment

    Pros and Cons of Employing Family in a Home Business_39

    When family members are employed there is seldom a formal contract agreed, at least not at the start. This being the case, the start-up business owner can delay the time when it will be necessary to obtain expensive legal advice to write terms of employment, and staff contracts. When weighing up the pros and cons of employing family, this can be a big incentive to do it!

    Advantages 3. Trust and Commitment

    To employ family members removes the need for long interviewing, and once employed the business owner’s intimate knowledge of other family members means that trust and commitment can be relied upon.

    Of course, as soon as a family members fails to deliver the goods or service required by the business, they can be told to cease work, and this can be done without the risk that the employee might take legal action against the business owner (mother, father, cousin etc.). Another big issue to consider as one of the top thoughts when comparing the pros and cons of employing family.

    Disadvantages 1. Emotional Connections Can Make a Family “Firing” Difficult

    Pros and Cons of Employing Family in a Home Business_11
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    Although, there may be no risk of a legal appeal against a family member who ceases using the services of another member, emotional attachments can make separating a family employee from the business extremely hard. An involvement in the effects, and damage to family relationships, should that person not then have enough money to live easily can mean that it is much harder to fire family!

    Disadvantages 2. Conflicts Can Occur if the Skill-Set of a Family Member Does Not Match the Business Role they Seek

    Very soon after they are employed, there is a tendency for family workers to decide in their own minds the role they expect to either be doing immediately, or at some time in the future.

    If that role is not one which they are good at, or one which is outside the core requirements of the business, the business owner may find themselves almost forced into letting them do that work. In this way, the small family business can lose focus on the original unique core business proposition. Many businesses do fail when family members each pull a business in different directions.

    Creating a suitable post for them, to avoid internal family conflicts can also prove hugely damaging as the business grows. This gets more acute as the business starts employing people outside the family.

    Disadvantages 3. Family Businesses Can Become Uninvestable When Cash Injections are Sought

    Pros and Cons of Employing Family in a Home Business_19
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    At some point in the growth of almost all new businesses, the business will need to obtain external investment. When this occurs, any new external investor / partner will be most likely to assess the prospect of whether they would be able to influence who was employed in the family, to ensure an efficient business.

    Many investors are nervous of investing in any family business, because they put themselves in the position of thinking whether they would truly be able to win if they disagreed with the family, in any major difference of opinion.

    Investors usually think ahead, and can be frightened off from investing in that way. The possibility that once they had ownership of a proportion of the business and said that a family member be sacked, they would be over-ruled is apparently a major concern.

    Pros and Cons of Employing Family – Conclusion

    The decision the power woman business owner makes about whether to hire family members, is a very important one. It can have far-reaching implications on the success or failure of the business. In our family, my sister’s company which provides plumbing in Shrewsbury, she works only very rarely in the company, in which her hsusband is the principal and manages all day to day work. This she says is due to family tensions about exactly how the company should be run. She considers that had she worked in the company full-time, her reationship with her husband would have deteriorated. As it is the family may be poorer but the family unit functions happily, and life and business is going well.

    Emplying family members, can mean success for the business, or could alternatively, pull it down into oblivion. You, the business owner knows the people involved. You also know know the benefits and the risks. In short. Now the music has to stop. It’s time to decide and as business manager in your employer’s company, it is up to you

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  • Hassle-Free Home Purchase – The Power Woman’s Strategy

    Hassle Free Home Purchase

    Easy home purchase, and how some do achieve it. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to manage the process of relocating their home in their stride. They do it reasonably quickly, and apparently with minimal drama?

    We think that it is that the successful, low stress property re-locators follow the following strategy, they know their mind and they refuse to let the inevitable small problems obscure their minds from the big-picture.

    We suggest that you follow the useful tips we explain in this article, and apply them during your house move. It will help to make the process move forward for you, and do that with reduced stress.

    Take Time and Make an Effort to Select a Realtor that Understands Your Needs

    Research your realtor, and ask around about their performance. We are assuming that as a power woman you already possess a valuable property. A home that stands out from the crowd. So, why settle for a realtor who normally sells low priced houses which are little more than boxes?

    The power woman finds a realtor with a real ability to assess properties for their market and truly market your property into the target market of buyers. This needs a person with experience and drive, and then a gift for closing a deal.

    This way, your realtor will not be cheap, but will be effective.

    Get Your Mortgage Offer Lined Up and Ready

    The power woman making a home purchase, doesn’t look at a single property until she has the mortgage funds sitting waiting. This person will be ready to ask her financier to draw funds against it without delay. The power woman will be ready sign a deal within 24 hours of viewing a property.

    That way, these buyers get the property they want, not those that are left-over on the market. Sometimes, a great property can be bought within hours of going on the market. You can bet that those are total bargains. Don’t risk losing a home purchase, just for a lack of up front work having been done to obtain a mortgage offer, in advance, .

    Have a Home Inspector Ready to Quickly Go and Look at the Property

    The Power Woman's Strategy for a Hassle-Free Home Purchase_18
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    Again, the best home purchases sell quickly. They get snapped up! So, get a home inspector primed to take your call within minutes of leaving any “dream home” viewing, on which you have agreed a “Subject to Contract’ price, with the seller.

    The power woman knows that to try to save money by not having a home Condition Assessment and report, is almost always a false saving.

    Decide Whether You Are Seeking a Fixed or an Adjustable Rate Mortgage

    Be aware that although you may have received a mortgage offer, there is still a further decision to make, and that is around the choice of fixed and adjustable rate mortgages.

    Don’t risk your home purchase being slowed down after you clinch a deal with your seller by the considerations of fixed and adjustable rate mortgages.

    Read up on this and take independent advice on this before you arrange the home inspection to take place rapidly after your provisional  purchase price agreement, but before you actually buy the home.

    Decide on your Buying Strategy and Negotiate

    The Power Woman's Strategy for a Hassle-Free Home Purchase_9

    No power woman overlooks an opportunity to avoid spending more than she needs to! Making any home purchase is a huge opportunity to save money. Once you have the home inspector’s property condition report in your hands, go back to the seller. Tell them about any defects and forthcoming maintenance costs which the inspection has revealed. Ask for a reduction to help you complete the repairs.

    Many homes need work done to them, and when this happens it has become perfectly acceptable to go back to the seller, via their realtor. You talk to the realtor, and ask for a reduction in the price. When the seller is shown the amount of work that is needed, they will often be prepared to reduce the price to cover that cost.

    Don’t Overstretch Your self and Get Into Trouble Repaying

    Only make a home purchase that you can afford to pay for. To do overstretch yourself on repayments is a recipe for hard-times, and heart-ache.

    The Power Woman's Strategy for a Hassle-Free Home Purchase_11
    Source : tamykawashington.com

    Take a cool look at your monthly outgoings and other costs. There are calculators online which cost nothing and help home buyers calculate how much spare cash they earn which is available to pay out for a new home.

    It really pays off to study one of those. Do that before you decide what monthly mortgage repayments you will be able to afford.

    Be Flexible and if Necessary be Prepared to Live Outside Your Normal Area

    Finally, many people are surprisingly unwilling to look at properties outside their normal neighbourhoods. That can be a big mistake because neighbourhoods constantly improve and others deteriorate and fall down the grading.

    An, up and coming neighbourhood, may offer lower prices, and yet actually prove to be a more pleasant area to live in over the next 5 to 20 years. Even the same house in a cheaper neighbourhood, if available, may prove a better home purchase because, while still within budget it would be possible to do a number of improvements to it. These improvements would effectively come, free of charge!

    Successful Home Purchase – Conclusion

    By buying wisely into neighbourhoods which are well established, and not overly dependent on one large employer is also likely to prove to be a very good investment when you come to selling a property.

    By following the advice explained in this article, we think that you find it easier to buy the home of your dreams.

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  • How to Avoid an Exploitative Home Improvement Contractor 7 Tips for Women

    woman with exploitative contractor image

    Home Improvement Contractor’s nowadays continue to be dominated by men, and therein lies an increasing problem with how to avoid an exploitative home improvement contractor.

    Women are easy to exploit during home improvement projects. More and more women are living alone, and yet they are if anything more focused than ever on the condition of their homes. That means that more and more often they are starting home remodelling contracts. The dominant male workforce employed by these firms is by its nature high in male hormones, and frequently domineering. The result is that there is little protection for the woman who lives alone, while the contractor has free access into the client’s home, during the work.

    How to Avoid an Exploitative Home Improvement Contractor 7 Tips for Women_20

    In fact, many women feel that they have been provided with an end result to their home remodelling project which is not truly as they intended.

    There are also many who believe that the cost has been intentionally inflated by added “extras”, for which they have been charged each time they asked the contractor to work differently, or alter incorrectly installed work.

    Above 80% of home remodelling projects run over budget by more than 20%, and that is an appalling statistic for householders who have the right to expect professional building contractors to better estimate their costs in advance.

    But, not all contractors in this field of work seek to exploit their female clients (or indeed male project commissioners!), so how do you avoid hiring one of those all-too-common fraudsters?

    1. Speak to Friends for Recommendations

    How to Avoid an Exploitative Home Improvement Contractor 7 Tips for Women_11
    Source : thegoodcontractorslist.com

    The number one best method of finding a good contractor is to seek out recommendations from friends whom you trust. Most people will have been told this many times, but this cannot be said too often. It is an appealing prospect to log-in to your phone or tablet and search for a local contractor, and may only take 5 minutes to find a selection of them to call, within your local area. But, be careful. Unless they come with a recommendation from someone you trust, you may be deceived by clever salesmanship. Also, as female client, you have no idea of their ability to work for a woman unless you can ask a friend about their experience.

    If you are going to ensure that the property will be built to a high standard, and you don’t have friends in the area who are able to recommend a suitable contractor, consider appointing a Building Inspector to act on your behalf. The inspector will view the work at every critical stage for you.

    Very often, the inspectors working for a home inspection services company like 4WallsCheckers, will hold the best insight into the true abilities of the local contractors of anyone. Once appointed they will usually be willing to suggest good contractors to contact. The benefits of appointing qualified professional home inspectors (surveyors) to oversee that the quality of the work meets local minimum quality standards, usually exceeds the cost of their fees.

    2. Obtain Multiple Quotations

    This one is a hard one. It can be a harder thing for a woman to achieve than a man, due to our less spatial/ 3 dimensional way of thinking. Ideally, in order to obtain comparative quotations it is by far the best to write your own simple “specification” of the materials you want the contractor to use, and a list of tasks that the bidder must include in their price.

    Without that you will find it difficult to be sure that a lower price is genuinely the one to go for. without a specification and a list of tasks, it may be that the lower price simply includes less work! If so, you will probably pay more at the end of the job, when the avoid an exploitative home improvement contractor adds in all sorts of “extras”.

    We know it is tedious getting multiple quotations for your project, but doing that work at the start usually makes things so much easier later on.

    3. Check Compliance with License Requirements Under Local State Law

    How to Avoid an Exploitative Home Improvement Contractor 7 Tips for Women_2

    The next step is to check out the contractor’s legal credentials, unless of course you already know them through a friend who has already done this step. The general public never cease to be amazed how poorly a lot of contractors perform, especially in large cities, where work is abundant, and there is always a new client they can find.

    Ensuring that your contractor complies with the local regulations is one simple step which is often neglected, but can be very important. Simply, ask for sight of the necessary documentation when you meet the contractor. No genuine contractor will have any problem with that.

    4. Check with the Department of Consumer Affairs

    Look up the contractor on the website of your local Department of Consumer Affairs. It will take less than 5 minutes to see whether there are any references to that contractor. Take care to read any statements about the contractor, and act wisely on the information if it exists.

    5. Ask to View the Contractor’s Insurance

    The have been instances where the contractor has told a client that he holds full professional indemnity insurance, but later when the client seeks to claim it turns out that the insurance had lapsed.

    The lesson here to avoid an exploitative home improvement contractor, is to always check the certificate and make sure you look at the date of the cover stated on the document.

    6. Look Up Your Contractor on the Better Business Bureau Website

    As we said in item 4., you can’t be too careful, and also as in 4., you can look up the contractor’s listing, and be re-assured if it appears to be complete and up to date.

    7. Paper Always Reigns Supreme to Avoid an Exploitative Home Improvement Contractor!

    How to Avoid an Exploitative Home Improvement Contractor 7 Tips for Women_23

    Obtain a piece of paper, for all important aspects of your agreement about the content of the contract.  All estimates and warranties need to be recorded on paper, in case of problems later.

    We all like to befriend our contractors if they are efficient and helpful when doing the work, so there is a temptation to do all the earlier steps, and then just shake hands before the work begins! This is what not to do if you are ging to avoid an exploitative home improvement contractor. It is a big mistake almost always.

    Just take one more steps and insist on an agreed final version of the quotation, with any insurance and warranties to be provided by the contractor clearly stated.

    Any dispute will usually amount to one person’s word against another’s unless the right piece of paper has been exchanged. You won’t avoid an exploitative home improvement contractor getting his way, without pieces of paper!

    There is no need for complex legal language, just plain English and a clear statement of the work, plus the price to be charged. Other matters might also be included, such as how and when the contractor will make access into your home to do the work, how long it will take to complete, at what stage of the work payment will be made, any warranties which will apply, and the price.


    There you have it. We have listed our 7 tips on hiring a home improvement contractor. Use these and you should have a very good chance to avoid appointing an exploitative (fraudulent) contractor to do the work, on your next remodelling project.

    That way there is no reason why women commissioning home improvement works should encounter any trouble at all with the actions of their appointed home improvement contractor. In addition they should get tradesmen who provide quality work at a fair price.

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  • Melinda Gates and Her $3.6 Billion/yr Give-away – A Top Power Woman

    Melinda Gates

    Melinda Gates must surely be considered one of the most powerful women on the earth and as well is most likely to be the one ablest to directly wield her power unfettered, and in the way she thinks is best. She does not need to convince a political party to adopt her ideas, not even put her ideas to a committee, if she doesn’t want to.

    They can decide to accomplish anything they wish by using it, that’s because the cash is theirs!

    The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is Their Wealth Hand-out!

    Source : pinstopin.com

    The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation currently possesses an endowment of $40.2 billion. It supports programs and gives grants in the states and then in greater than 100 countries. “In developing countries,” the basis “focuses on improving people’s health and providing them the opportunity to pull themselves up, out of poverty from hunger and extreme poverty,” states the company via their website.

    Melinda Gates develops and sets in motion the action on the strategies of their foundation. She also reviews the outcomes and sets the overall direction in the organization, as co-chair of the foundation. Her research on inequality has focused her attention on on empowering ladies and girls to take transformational improvements within the prosperity and health of families, communities and societies. After becoming an employee of the Microsoft Corporation. during 1987, Mrs Gates helped develop many of the corporation’s multimedia applications. In 1996, Melinda left Microsoft to concentrate on her philanthropic work and family.

    Women as Workhorses

    Source : npr.org

    It’s women that do an out-sized proportion of all chores in poor countries and also in rich ones. Inside a developing country, it will be the hours hauling water. In western world, it could be who’s walking around collecting your children, getting groceries or tending to sick relatives. Women are susceptible to a lack of time, argues Melinda Gates, and it’s costing all of us. Gates very concerned about the issue of “time poverty” and what can be done to re-balance unpaid work between males and females.

    Melinda Gates, the co-founder and philanthropist in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has been speaking about this subject a lot lately. She calls it, “the gender gap in unpaid labor”. It is a topic she wrote about in her annual letter of 2016. The fact that women devote a lot more time to domestic chores than the male population do in every country worldwide, bar none, needs to be changed so that women can achieve equality and their full potential.

    When Melinda and her husband, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, got engaged in 1993, they discussed donating the majority of their phenomenal wealth to good causes. Ever since, they have been making-good on their promise. In addition it is worth noting that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is now one of the largest non-profit organizations in the world. They gave $3.4 billion in grants just last year alone. The kinds of challenges she likes to devote her energies to are previously daunting problems like malaria and polio, and domestic education.

    Previously in earier years, Gates’ work has brought her to Ethiopia, Senegal, India, South Africa, Malawi, based on Melanne Verveer, former USA ambassador-at-large for global women’s issues.

    Melinda Gates Wants to Achieve Birth Control Targets Sooner

    Source : pinterest.com


    That aim is attempting to shorten that the time it takes methods of 110 million more women worldwide to get access to birth control, which if based upon current trends, would take until 2035. Melinda Gates says they wish to get completed by 2020.

    Another of the foundation’s ambitions, which would be to lower the global rate of children dying under the age of five. Already that number is cut in two, from 12 million a year to six million.

    Gates’ idea of influencing, even molding, the lifestyles of whole societies expresses the continuous negotiation that even this new generation of young women will need to entertain because of their partners, and society. While it’s likely that no 19-year-old boy is actively considering what he’ll need his wife to accomplish, if he wants to be a father someday. Modifications in male attitudes toward women as being the workhorses of society are gradually changing. More young women have reached least finding these people have a relatively larger capability to put across their case in these negotiations. There are far more possibilities and new support systems that will make it easier, regardless of whether only gradually, and then in frustratingly tiny increments, for a lady to shape her future on her own terms.

    The Need for Better Health Systems Globally

    Melinda Gates said one of the most urgent concern is making investments in health systems around the globe. “Because if people have a proper life and may start off healthy, then they could successfully put their kids through school and participate in the economy”, she told CBS News in the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

    Gates on Gender Equality

    Source : deltawomen.blogspot.com

    Gates said what is at the heart of this matter in tackling gender-inequality, is that most women hold the family budgets in their control in developing countries. For each and every marginal dollar a female has, she puts 90 percent of it back in her household, she said.

    One of several wealthiest and controversial women worldwide believes that every life has an equal value. She’s devoted to spending $3.6 billion annually to prove her point.

    The Simple Dallas Catholic Girl

    It can be all far cry from after a few months of seeing her around at your workplace, Bill called her to ask her out on a date. “It is claimed he said, ‘You know, I was thinking maybe we might head out 2 weeks from [tonight]”. After seven years of dating, they married on Jan. 1, 1994.

    In her mind, Gates remains the Catholic girl born in Dallas, who scrubbed the cooker, pots, and pans, in her parents’ rented homes. She maybe in a small way, still loves nothing better than mathematics, and playing with numbers, in her mind. In fact, think of a stay-at-home mother who looked after her kids.

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  • How to Become a Power Woman and Rise to the Top

    women power - image
    A power woman looks at a sign showing a (promotion preventing) glass ceiling.
    Source : writinginspiteofmyself.wordpress.com

    It is often said that as a woman in business, you will need to be better than male colleagues before you stand a chance to get into the top posts. Our vision of a power woman is one who will have the strength to break through all glass ceilings, and reach the top. By the top we mean the boardroom, so lets look at the traits that we think that a power woman will need to develop in order to reach the heady heights of a boardroom job.

    Be On Time Always

    A lack of promptness may be tolerated in a man, but the power woman will see herself as much better than that. She will study her time management, make sure that when she sits down to work that she will look at each task just once, and take it through to fruition before moving on. The clever part about doing that will also be to achieve that level of efficiency of use of her time. Yes, and do it without spending longer than anticipated and being late to meetings, and other important events.

    Show Enjoyment

    Source : akyerewahsworld.blogspot.com

    Enjoy the “power woman” role. Taking simple enjoyment of your role, whether male or female is very empowering. It gives confidence to those around you, that your motivation is credible. A boss who seems relaxed in her role, and happy within her skin, will provide the impression that she is capable, and in command.

    People are more inclined to relax in the assumption that the hand on the tiller, to give this a nautical flavor, is there because they want to be. Why would they want to be doing the job? Because they enjoy it. That’s simple!

    The power woman is also usually highly motivated by the single-minded intent to get to the top, but she should not let that show too often, or those around her will feel threatened. To be seen to enjoy your daily presence in the company will massively help in this.

    For these reasons the true power woman should be playful, and joyous at times and let the enjoyment of being able to mold a business to your own command, show. After all, power women by virtue of their need to be better than their male colleagues, are very seldom less than highly effective in their roles. That being the case, there should be plenty of good news generated by their successful management for them to celebrate.

    Keep Those Bridges Intact!

    Source : franklyrecruitment.co.uk

    On the climb upward within any organisation the power woman will meet colleagues with whom she will not be able to get on. This is a fact of life which the successful woman must be adept at managing.

    The best policy is always not to burn bridges as you rise in the promotion game. Always be humble enough to entertain the possibility that colleagues with whom you are unable to build a rapport, have talents which have so far bee hidden from you. Steer away from being overtly hostile to these people, as you may need them as allies, or at least not enemies at some future date.

    Avoid Delusions of Godliness!

    The power woman who is achieving success should guard against the pitfall of allowing themselves to become convinced that they are cleverer than all those colleagues around them. Nobody will ever be able to get everything right all the time, and yet over a prolonged period in top jobs, it is hard not to start to believe that the power woman is all-seeing and all-powerful. Power does corrupt, so the power woman always holds firm to the belief that there will always be someone smarter and better in making judgements than her.

    Neither the Power Woman Nor Any Other Being is Irreplaceable in Business

    Source : sweetcomments.net

    Alongside maintaining a healthy believe in their own fallibility, the greatest power women will always hold on to the belief that the are replaceable. Other workers around a powerful person may be sycophantic in their admiration and praise. But, the best power woman must root their beliefs in common sense and see through the excessive praise of their subservient staff.

    Colleagues may offer praise and regularly say, “What would we do without you [the power woman]”, but the truly successful power woman will root themselves in reality. They will not only appear to shrug all such suggestions off, but also take care to mean it within their hearts.

    Maintain a “Hinterland” Both in Leisure Time and While Working

    The power woman will not be one-dimensional in the activities and interests while at work, and when off-duty. She may have but one true goal in mind, but the way to get there fastest is seldom by the most direct route.

    She will be seen to participate in some company activities in which she has her own ideas, despite the fact that their may be no mileage in taking that interest toward progressing her career. Doing such things is in fact an act of enlightened self-interest, so the power woman is always conscientious in how she approaches those sorts of tasks.

    Such women are astute enough to see the benefits in the rise in respect, coming from colleagues.

    Work Smart Not Hard

    Source : nopolymon.blogspot.com

    It easy to say this, but much harder to achieve smart working. We have already mentioned smart working from the point of view of effective time management. However, working smart has many other aspects.

    An important skill which the power woman will need to master is the ability to delegate their responsibilities to responsible trustworthy colleagues.

    How Does the Power Woman Pick-up All These Great Skills?

    Most power women will be very adept at formerly, or informally, finding a suitable mentor, or quite possibly multiple mentors across the range of business skills. The information which an experienced mentor can hand down to a less experienced apprentice should never be underestimated.

    Power Women Should Also Act as Mentors

    The Power Woman will act herself as a Mentor to some of her staff. The power woman will appreciate the need to pass down knowledge between individuals, and not necessarily rely on formal training, university qualifications, etc.

    To Seek Out and Tackle Any Personal Weaknesses

    The wise “power woman” will take care to look out for, and understand weak areas in their personality, and the way they are working.

    Don’t Hide Away Be Bold

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    Despite the fact that all the many tasks of the successful woman will take up a lot of their time, the need to maintain a high profile during company board meetings etc., is a pressing one.

    The successful business woman cannot afford the luxury of being unknown. She will self promote herself highly effectively, thus making herself a known quantity to her bosses and fellow workers locally, and maybe even well-known local personality.

    Rounding Up the Discussion

    For a power woman, a good reputation is essential. She shall appreciate that a good reputation is worth going the extra mile to preserve, especially when things go wrong. Preserving a justifiable good reputation is critical to her success and that of the company. This holds true whenever, you the “power woman” perform you job.

    True personal development is possible, while progressing and for many people comes from inside themselves, through interaction with others as described in .