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The Importance of Interviewing Well – Why You Need to be Good at Them

ead on to discover the importance of interviewing well. Why you need to be good at both general, and job, interviews The Importance of Interviews for Companies Why is the importance of interviews so important to a business? The answer is quite simple, a business needs to hire someone who they feel can be a […]

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Greta Thunberg: What If We Treated The Climate Crisis Like COVID-19?

Greta Thunberg has a good point when she asks, “What If We Treated The Climate Crisis Like COVID-19?” One benefit of lockdown, brought about by the coronavirus pandemic has been a period of slight recovery for the environment. many cities have seen an air quality improvement and carbon dioxide levels below the previous high norms. […]

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Gender Equality Facts You Wish You Knew Even One Year Ago!

It’s time we women got wise to the gender equality facts that matter. Events in 2018 have surely taught all women the need to keep up the fight. Had we really become so complacent? That must be so, because there has been a lot of backsliding and in many areas. A reversal of much of […]

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Women’s Equality in the Workplace

Achieving women’s equality in the workplace, is proving a really tough-nut to solve, and in the UK right now the subject is a very hot one. The reason is that the government is now requiring for the first time ever, that all organisations above a certain size, provide data on their performance on women’s equality […]

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Women and Time Management – What Every Woman Ought To Know About Time Management

Introduction Learning essential time management skills is sadly not something everyone does while growing up, but women and time management is important to compete in a male environment, and be one-step ahead in an unfair world. Thta’s why we say women truly need to understand these skills. The effective outcome of a failure to appreciate […]

Family business has advantages and disadvantages

Pros and Cons of Employing Family in a Home Business

The pros and cons of employing family can be a big issue for a woman who wishes to become a successful entrepreneur. Even more than for man, the power woman will want to improve the prospects of a happy and fulfilling working life for family members. Therefore, deciding whether to employ family in a home […]

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How to Become a Power Woman and Rise to the Top

It is often said that as a woman in business, you will need to be better than male colleagues before you stand a chance to get into the top posts. Our vision of a power woman is one who will have the strength to break through all glass ceilings, and reach the top. By the […]